Order your security keys

To use with Advanced Protection, we recommend you have 2 keys:

  • A main key that connects to both phones and computers 
  • A backup key

Choose your security keys

Suggested keys include:

If you primarily use newer MacBooks or Chromebooks, we recommend a USB-C key like the Titan USB-C/NFC or the Yubikey 5C.

If you have an iPhone with iOS 13.3 or above, you can use keys with NFC, such as Titan Security Keys. For iPhones and iPads that have a lightning connector, purchase an adapter.

If you have a computer with USB-A ports, we recommend the USB-A + NFC security key:

USB-A + NFC security key

If you have a computer with USB-C ports, we recommend the USB-C + NFC security key:

USB-C + NFC security key

If you have an iPad with a USB-C connector, you can use the USB-C Titan Security Key. If you have an iPad with a lightning connector, we recommend you get a USB-A Titan Security Key with an Apple Lightning adapter:

 USB-A Titan Security Key with an Apple Lightning adapter

To learn more about how security keys help protect you against phishing, go to the Titan Security Key product page.

About Titan Security Keys

Titan Security Keys are available from the Google Store and work with most Android, Chrome OS, iOS devices, and macOS or Windows computers. Learn more about Titan Security Keys and their availability.
Tip: To help make political organizations more secure with Advanced Protection, we’ve partnered with Defending Digital Campaigns to provide Titan Security Keys at no charge. Contact Defending Digital Campaigns to check whether your team is eligible for keys at no charge.

Where to purchase other security keys

Your options vary depending on where you live. We’ve provided links to Amazon for your convenience. If keys aren't available through Amazon where you live, we recommend visiting the Yubico or Feitian websites to see if you can order directly from them. If not, search FIDO U2F Security Key and order from a trusted retailer.
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