Revoke application-specific passwords

If you lose a phone or stop using an application that was authorized with an application-specific password, we recommend revoking its application-specific password so no one can access your Google Account from that device:

  1. Visit the Authorizing applications & sites page under your Google Account settings and sign in with your username and password if prompted.
  2. Look for the “Application-specific passwords” section.
  3. You can see a list of the applications that you’ve generated application-specific passwords for. To revoke a password, click Remove next to the phone that you no longer want to be authorized to access your account.
If you're an Android 4.0+ user, we recommend removing "Android" from the "Connected Sites, Apps, and Services" section.

Once revoked, that application-specific password can't be used to access your Google Account. If you want to start using an application or device again, you'll need to generate a new application-specific password.