Accessibility button

Some accessibility tools display an Accessibility button in the navigation bar: Accessibility You can tap this button to turn on the accessibility tool that's associated with the button.

Tips for using the Accessibility button:

  • The Accessibility button only appears in the navigation bar after you turn on certain accessibility tools, such as Select to Speak, Magnification, Accessibility Menu, or any other accessibility service that uses the button. The Accessibility button is next to the overview button Overview.
  • If you've turned on more than one tool that uses the Accessibility button, it defaults to the tool that you used most recently. To switch between tools, touch and hold the Accessibility button.

If you don't see the Accessibility button: 

  • Make sure that you're using Android 8.0 or later. Learn how to check your Android version.
  • If you're using gesture navigation on your Android device, navigation and Accessibility buttons might be hidden. Ask your device manufacturer how to show navigation buttons.

Android developers: Learn how to use the Accessibility button in your accessibility service.