About Android Device Policy

This article only applies to Google Workspace customers. Learn more about Google Workspace.

Android Device Policy enforces your organization’s security policies on your device to protect corporate data and make it more secure.


  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later device that supports a work profile
  • Signing in to your Google Workspace account on your device

What your administrator can do with Android Device Policy

Your administrator can set the following security policies:

  • Device password strength and required length
  • Invalid passwords allowed before the device is wiped
  • Recently expired passwords that are blocked
  • Days before a device password expires
  • Idle minutes before a device automatically locks
  • Days device has not synced before wiping
  • Application auditing
  • Device encryption
  • Remotely wipe a company-owned device 
  • Blocking of security-compromised devices

Your admin can also configure Wi-Fi networks and manage network access certificates. They might choose to hide a network's details so that only users who have the network name and password can connect to it.

Where to find the device policy app 

If needed, you can access the app in your device settings at Settingsand then Googleand thenWorkand thenDevice Policy.


My device isn’t syncing work data

My device is company-owned or set up for work only

  1. Restart the device and see if the sync starts. 
  2. If restarting doesn’t work, go to Settingsand thenGoogleand thenWork and tap Device Policyand then Sync"" to manually sync data.
  3. If those steps don’t work, reset the device to factory settings. A factory reset erases all data from the device, so make sure to back up essential data first. For details, see Reset your Android device to factory settings

My device is for work and personal use

Re-register your device by removing your work profile and then adding back your Google Workspace account and work profile. 

  1. Open your device settings. 
  2. Tap Accountsand thenRemove work profile.
  3. Tap Delete to confirm.
  4. Go to I’m using my own personal device and follow the steps to add your Google Workspace account and work profile.

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