Currents best practices

What are Currents communities?

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Connect with communitiesIf you have a G Suite account, you can use Currents communities to connect with others around shared interests. Discuss and collaborate on everything from product launches to your favorite lunch spots. Multiple people can own or moderate a community. And, anyone in the community can post to it.

You can use a community to:

  • Communicate with your department or team.
  • Strategize on company plans.
  • Crowdsource feedback on new products and ideas.

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Table of contents

Section 1: Create communities

1.1 Public versus private communities
1.2 Types of communities
1.3 Customizing your community

Section 2: Manage communities

2.1 Adding and removing members
2.2 Pinning posts in a community
2.3 Managing engagement

Section 3: Engage with communities

3.1 Stay connected in a community

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