Transition from Google Currents to Google Chat

Change management guide

The most successful migrations start with a clear plan. This guide aims to:

  • Guide you and your organization through a smooth transition step-by-step.
  • Provide important dates to help you stay on top of your transition schedule.
  • Serve as a one-stop for resources as they become available, including communication that you should share with your users and answers to FAQs.

Benefits of Spaces in Chat

Currents was great for community building, but lacked enterprise-grade admin tools and the ability to quickly create user spaces. With Spaces in Chat, we aim to:

  • Have social discussions, announcements and key team decisions easily accessible as we integrate Chat spaces across Workspace.
  • Deliver a richer communication and collaboration experience with inline replies, custom emojis, rich text formatting, and conversations organized by topics, interests, or projects.
  • Foster discoverability and healthier management of communities through robust moderation and member management capabilities grounded on the latest user research.
  • Offer enterprise ready moderation and data security tools.

Roadmap of your transition


Key dates

Date Description
December 31, 2022

Deadline to opt into the migration for Google to migrate your Currents data to Chat. Customers who do not opt in by this date will default to opt-out and their Currents data will not be migrated.

February 7, 2023 Mandatory Service Announcement (MSA) with more detailed migration timeline, including your migration date.
March 15, 2023 Banners showing migration date (for migrating customers) and product turndown date (for non-migrating customers) appear for all users of Currents.
March 31, 2023 Creation of new communities disabled in Currents for migrating customers.
March 31, 2023 Final opt-out date. All customers who are opted-in after this date will be included in the migration. Admins can opt out of migrating by submitting a request via Support by this date.
Actual migration date
  • Migration period for all customers will occur April - June 2023.
  • The actual migration date for your domain specifically, will be confirmed in the February MSA to admins.
  • Once migration begins, access to Currents will be disabled. Currents data is available via Takeout until the product shutdown begins.
  • Migrated data appears in Spaces within 48 hours of migration date as users are added to the space. Invited users will receive invitations within 48 hours of migration.
July 5, 2023 Customer access to Currents disabled (for customers who do not migrate). Currents data is available via Takeout until the product shutdown begins.
August 8, 2023
  • Deletion of Currents data / deadline for Currents Takeout.
  • Deadline for availability of Currents activity log & admin console reports.

Next steps & preparing for transition

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Step 1: Opt into the migration

While migration is voluntary, you have until December 31, 2022 to opt into the migration if you want your data from Currents to be migrated automatically. Otherwise, Google will not migrate your data, and you will only have the option to use Takeout.

Customers who opt in to the migration may opt out until March 31, 2023 by requesting a change through Support. Please note that your Currents data will be deleted after August 8, 2023.

Step 2: Enable Chat

If you have opted into the migration, please ensure that your organization is configured with the appropriate settings:

For more details, please visit Prepare Spaces for Currents migration

Step 3: Review your data

Not all data from Currents will be migrated to Spaces, including data associated with:

  • Low usage features.
  • Data from Google+ (older than July 2020).
  • Posts made outside of Communities.
  • Currents features that are not compatible Chat features. For a complete list of Currents data that will be migrated, please refer to Currents to Spaces feature migration.
Step 4: Understand which communities will be migrated

Starting February 1, 2023, you can request a Currents Community Report via support to get a summary of your communities and their migration eligibility.
Note: If guest access is not enabled, messages from external users will get migrated but appear as from anonymous users in spaces. External guests, however, will not be invited to the corresponding spaces.

Active vs inactive communities

Google will only migrate active communities that:

  • Have posts since July 2020
  • Contain at least one member in the community

Inactive communities, as defined by lacking posts since July 2020 or have no members, will not be migrated. 

Shared communities

Communities with owners across different domains will not be migrated. Please ensure that community owners are from the same domain if you wish to migrate communities to Chat.

Communities will be migrated to the domain of the owners, and members from other domains will be added as guests to the Chat space. Learn more about guest access in spaces.  

Communities with post review configuration

While you can configure Currents communities to hold posts for reviews, this feature is not available in Spaces. As such, these communities will be migrated to spaces where members can post directly to the space and posts that were held for review will not be migrated.

Step 5: Familiarize with Chat
Refer to this guide to familiarize yourself with the Chat product.

Migration Details

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Day of migration
  • Automatic start without your action required. Migration automatically will begin on the scheduled date for your organization. There is no action required from you to initiate the migration. Other than the non-dismissable in-product banners that will be added in Currents in March, 2023, there will be no other reminders from Google. Please prepare your IT/Support staff to answer any escalations and questions from your users.
  • Currents will be disabled. Currents will be disabled for your domain and users will no longer be able to use the product on web or mobile. Takeout will still be available. External users in your communities (who may still have access to Currents) will see a banner redirecting them to the migrated space in Chat.
    Note: The banner will be available only after the migration completes and the space is available in Chat.
  • Your Currents communities will appear in Spaces.
    • New spaces will be created for the migrated communities. 
    • These spaces will appear progressively in Chat but not all your communities may appear in Chat’s left navigation.
    • The space name will be the same as the Community name and will have [Currents] as the prefix appended to it.
    • Invited members will receive an email to join the space within 48 hours of migration.
    • Spaces will be bolded and appear in chronological order based on their most recent message.
    • Chat history will be enabled in the migrated spaces. Space managers can adjust this setting after the migration.
    • Notification settings will be set based on the per-Community notification settings and set to:
      • Following for members who have enabled notifications in the original Currents Community. 
      • Off for members who have disabled notifications in the original Currents Community.

        Note: Members are allowed to change their notification settings post-migration.

    • Guest access limitations
      • Guest access will be enabled only in spaces of Currents communities that already had external members and only if the admin has enabled this feature in Chat.
        Note: Regular communities will appear in Chat’s left navigation menu, except communities where you have been invited (and not yet joined). This can include communities where you are a guest (owned by another domain) or in spaces that have reached their member capacity.
      • External members whose domains have not been migrated will see a link to the space in their instance of the Currents community. They will be notified to post in the space instead of the community. Any posts, comments, or reactions created by external guests in Currents after the migration will not be migrated to the space in Chat.
    • You can find more details on how Currents data will map to spaces under Currents to Spaces feature migration.
Post migration
The migration will take up to 24 hours to complete. Please note that invitations could take another 24 hours to appear for users. Some domains may take longer depending on the amount of data to be migrated. Please prepare your organization to be without access to their communities and posts for 24 hours.
A migration report will be available for download in the Admin Console once the migration is complete. Please use the report to confirm if there is any unmigrated data that you wish to preserve and use Takeout to export that information before the product shutdown date in the Key Dates.

Additional resources

Resource Description Link
Opting into the migration Helpful guide to admins on how to opt into the migration for Google to automatically migrate your Currents data to Spaces in Chat Prepare Currents for Spaces migration 
What will and won’t be migrated? Information on what Currents data will and won’t be migrated to Spaces

Currents to Spaces feature migration

Currents to Spaces user guide Onboarding information for Currents users new to Spaces Set up your profile
Navigating Google Takeout Decision guide to options for preserving data with Google Takeout Managing Takeout for your account
Resolving shared communities Process guide for migrating Currents communities with shared ownership Resolve shared communities
Currents to Spaces webinar Discusses the benefits of spaces in Chat, side by side comparison of Currents features that will migrate to Chat, and other migration details Future of Google Currents and Migration to Spaces
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