Export your organization’s Google Currents data

As announced in February 2020, Currents will no longer be available starting July 5, 2023, and customers who opted in to the migration will be migrated to Spaces. For more information about the migration from Currents to Spaces, please review our change management guide.

Before the migration and product shutdown, we encourage you to export your organization’s Currents data using Google Takeout. Some organizations need more granular control when exporting their user-generated data. Instead of a complete dataset, these organizations need a subset of user content, such as content generated by a specific department. As an administrator, you can select the organizational unit or group to export data from in one of three ways: by individual user, by entire domain, or by groups or organizational units.

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Which takeout option is best for my organization?
Learn more about each option in the following table:

I want to export by…



Individual user

  • Best for organizations with smaller number of users
  • Data can be filtered by product
  • Export must be run for each user
  • For admins to retrieve the data directly, they must impersonate the user

Entire domain

  • Best for exporting data for entire domains
  • Data is organized into folders by product so you can choose what data to preserve
  • Only able to export once every 30 days
  • Exports data for all Workspace products
  • Data export can be very large due to product scope
  • Large data sets can cause long delays before receiving export

Group or organizational unit

  • Can export data for a smaller subset of users, for example only users of Currents
  • Data is organized into folders by product so you can choose what data to preserve
  • Can create a custom group of users (for example, Currents users or those on legal hold) to reduce the scope of data exported
  • Can run multiple exports to manage export size (no 30-day frequency restriction)
  • Only available to Enterprise Plus customers
  • Exports data for all Workspace products
  • Only one takeout request can be processed at a time
How can I export my organization’s Currents data?

After you’ve selected the takeout option that works best for you and your organization, learn more about the steps you need to take in more detail:


What is the deadline for exporting my data using Takeout?

Currents will be placed in export-only mode beginning July 5, 2023 and all Currents data will be deleted beginning August 8, 2023. We strongly recommend requesting exports well ahead of these dates to ensure all data is preserved in the export.

Can I export only Currents data?

When using individual user takeout, you can filter by product. If you use domain-wide takeout, including when filtering by organization unit or group, you will receive an export containing data for all Workspace products; data is organized into folders, so we recommend preserving only the product folders that are important to your organization (likely the Currents folder) once you receive the takeout export.

How can I export Google+ data?

You can export Google+ data using the Currents data export. All data prior to the Currents launch in July 2020 will be Google+ data.

Will the content of posts be included in the export?

At the end of Q2 2023, we launched an improvement to Currents takeout to include all post content in a JSON file in the export. The export is automatically included in a domain-wide takeout. To include the export in an individual user takeout, select All Currents Data Consolidated.

When should I export my Currents data?

We recommend performing an initial export now, so you can review data and plan for how you want to store the data long-term. You can perform additional exports as takeout improvements (mentioned above) are implemented and we recommend performing final exports after your migration is completed and ahead of the Currents shutdown, beginning July 5.

How long does it take to get my data?

Export time is dependent on the number of users in the export as well as the amount of data being exported, including number of communities and posts in the export. Large exports can take weeks to fully process. We recommend running a test export early to get an estimate of how long your chosen export method will take.

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