Google+ best practices

What are Google+ communities?

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Connect with communitiesIf you have a G Suite account, you can use Google+ communities to connect with others around shared interests. Discuss and collaborate on everything from product launches to your favorite lunch spots. Multiple people can own or moderate a community. And, anyone in the community can post to it.

You can use a community to:

  • Communicate with your department or team.
  • Strategize on company plans.
  • Crowdsource feedback on new products and ideas.

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Table of contents

Section 1: Create communities

1.1 Public versus private communities
1.2 Types of communities
1.3 Customizing your community

Section 2: Manage communities

2.1 Adding and removing members
2.2 Pinning posts in a community
2.3 Managing engagement

Section 3: Engage with communities

3.1 Stay connected in a community

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