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Get started with shared drives

3. Manage files and folders

You can use this feature only if your organization supports it. For help, contact your administrator.
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Get tips for structuring a shared drive and creating and finding files.

In this section, you learn how to:

3.1 Star important files
3.2 Move files
3.3 Delete or restore files
3.4 Delete a shared drive
3.5 Search for files

3.1 Star important files


Flag important files or folders to quickly find them later.

  1. Right-click a file or folder and select Add to Starred.
  2. (Optional) To see all your starred files and folders, on the left, click Starred.

Star Drive items

3.2 Move files


To move files from My Drive into a shared drive or between shared drives, drag the files into the destination shared drive. To move folders, contact your administrator.

Move files from My Drive to a shared drive:

To move files from My Drive to shared drives, you must be a member of the shared drive as a Contributor, Content manager, or Manager.

You can move any file you own into a shared drive, whether it’s from another Drive location or from your computer or mobile device.

If you’re not the owner of a file in My Drive, but you have at least Edit access to the file, you might be able to move that file into a shared drive, if:

  • Your administrator has enabled this option.
  • The file’s owner is a member of the shared drive where you want to move the file.
  • You are a member of the destination shared drive with Contributor, Content manager, or Manager access.

Otherwise, you need to ask the owner to move the file into the shared drive.

Move files between shared drives:

To move files between shared drives, you need Manager access to the original shared drive and at least Contributor access to the destination shared drive.

Move files between shared drives

Move files or folders from a shared drive to My Drive:

To move files or folders out of a shared drive, you need Manager access to the shared drive. To move files or folders into a folder in My Drive, you need Editor access to the parent folder.

3.3 Delete or restore files


Move a file to trash:

Requires at least Content manager access

  1. Click the file you want to delete.
  2. At the top, click Trash Delete.
  3. Click Delete For Everyone.

The file moves to the shared drive's Trash folder. Files in a shared drive's Trash folder are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Permanently delete a file in trash:

Requires Manager access

  1. In the Trash folder, right-click the file you want to delete and select Delete forever.
  2. Click Delete Forever to confirm.

Restore a file (up to 30 days):

Requires at least Contributor access

  1. On the left, click a shared drive.
  2. At top, next to the shared drive name, click the Down arrow ""and thenView trash.
  3. Click the fileand thenRestore "".

Delete shared files

3.4 Delete a shared drive


Tip: If you aren’t ready to delete a shared drive, but you aren’t actively using it, you can hide it. Hiding a shared drive removes it from your view. See Best practices for shared drives.

Requires Manager access

  1. Make sure the shared drive is empty.

    If you want to keep files or folders, move them to My Drive. Or, to delete them, move them to the trash.

  2. Right-click the shared drive that you want to deleteand thenclick Delete shared drive.
  3. Click Delete Shared Drive to confirm.

Delete shared drive

3.5 Search for files



Search in a shared drive:

  1. Right-click a shared drive and click Search within shared drive name.
  2. In the Search box, enter your search term and press Enter.

Search and find shared files

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