Get started with Google+

Overview: What can you do with Google+?

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Tool homepageGoogle+ is designed to connect your organization around shared interests, helping you collaborate with team members. Trade insights with communities, poll your organization, share posts, and more.
Important: This guide covers only the web version of Google+.

What you need:
10 minutes
Account G Suite account

Don't have one? Sign up.

Get Google+: Web (, or iOS

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Table of contents

Section 1: Set up your profile

1.1 Create a profile
1.2 Update your profile
1.3 Update your personal information
1.4 Change your settings

Section 2: Post and share content

2.1 Switch to labels from folders
2.2 Share posts
2.3 Comment on a post

Section 3: Follow people

3.1 Find and follow people

Section 4: Create signatures

4.1 Create a community
4.2 Find and join a community
4.3 Invite people to join a community
4.4 Update a community
4.5 Remove posts or people
4.6 Delete a community
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