Hangouts Chat is now Google Chat. You might temporarily see references to both names until this change rolls out everywhere.

Save time with smart reply suggestions



To reply to a message in Google Chat, you can enter text or select a suggestion if available. Use smart reply suggestions in Chat, and get responses based on the message you received.

Note: The Smart Reply feature is currently only available in English.

Important: Starting January 25, 2021, if you're based in Europe, you must indicate how we can use your Gmail, Google Chat, and Google Meet data. Through certain Gmail settings, you control, for example, whether we can share your data with other Google products. These settings are off at first and unless you turn them on, various Google product features, such as in Gmail, won’t work. For more information, see Smart features & personalization controls in Gmail, Chat, Meet, and other Google services.

Reply to a message

  1. Go to Google Chat or your Gmail account.
  2. Open a chat message.
  3. Below the message, click the reply area.
  4. Enter your message or select a suggestion.
  5. You can customize a suggested message before you send it.
  6. Press Return or click Send "".

Tip: If you're in a threaded space, do not enter your reply at the bottom under "New thread." If you do, it creates a new conversation thread instead of a reply.

Turn off suggestions in Chat

  1. Go to Google Chat or your Gmail account.
  2. At the top right, click Settings ""and thenSettings.
  3. Under "Smart Reply," uncheck the box.

Other options

You can add these options to your message:

  • To add a person to the conversation or mention them, click and then enter a name.
  • To add emojis to your message, click Emoji "".
  • To share files from your device, click Upload file "". Everyone in a space can view shared files.
  • To share files from Google Drive, click Add Google Drive file "". Everyone in a space can view shared Drive files.
  • To start a video call, click Add video meeting "".
  • To schedule a calendar meeting, click Calendar event.
  • To send a GIF, click GIF .

Tip: If you use Google Chat on a work or school account, you may not have the option to send a GIF.

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