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Change ownership of a community



If you're changing roles or you need additional help running a Currents community, you can share or remove ownership.

Share ownership of a community""

  1. Open Currents.
  2. Click Communities. 
  3. In the community, click More ""and thenManage members.
  4. Next to the person you want to make an owner, click More "" and choose an option.
  5. If the person is already a moderator, click Promote from moderator to owner.
  6. If the person isn’t a moderator, click Promote from member to moderator. Then, click More ""and thenPromote from moderator to owner.

Remove your ownership of a community""

  1. Open Currents
  2. In the community, click More""and thenManage members.
  3. Next to your name, click More""and choose an option.
  4. To make yourself a moderator, click Step down from owner to moderator.
  5. To make yourself a member, click Step down from owner to member.
  6. To remove yourself from the community, click More""and thenLeave community.
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