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Switching to Calendar from HCL Notes

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Now that you've switched from HCL Notes (formerly IBM Notes) to Google Workspace, here are a few tips. They'll help you start using Google Calendar to manage your events.

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In HCL Notes... In Calendar...*
Schedule a meeting
Create an event
  1. In Calendar, choose an option:
    • Click an empty time slot in the calendar grid.
    • Click PlusCreate.
  2. Add an event title, date, and time.
  3. (Optional) To create the event on another calendar you have edit access to, at the bottom click your calendar name and select another calendar. 
Invite people to a meeting
Invite people to an event
  1. In the Add guests field, enter the first few letters of a person’s name or email address. Matching addresses in your organization’s directory appear as you enter text.
  2. Click a suggestion to add that person to the event. If no suggestions appear, enter your guest’s full email address. After you add a guest to your event:
    • A video meeting in Google Meet is automatically added to the event.
    • The guest's calendar appears next to yours.
  3. (Optional) You can add a Google Groups mailing list address to invite a large group of people at once.
    For more information about inviting a large group, see managing large events in Calendar.
  4. (Optional) To mark a guest’s attendance as optional, point to the guest's name and click People "".
  5. (Optional) To allow guests to modify the event, invite others, or see the guest list, click Guest permissions and check the appropriate boxes.
Schedule a conference call using Sametime or HCL SmartCloud
Add a video meeting to an event using Google Meet

When you add a guest to an event:

  • A video meeting in Google Meet is automatically added to the event.
  • A dial-in phone number and PIN are also added.

    You can use this feature only if your organization supports it. For help, contact your administrator. 

  • You can install a third-party conferencing add-on and choose it in Calendar by clicking Add conferencing. You can also add a live stream.
Set alarms
Create notifications
  1. When you're creating your event, at the bottom, click More options.
  2. Click Add notification.
  3. Select a time period for notifications.
  4. (Optional) To add another notification, click Add notification and repeat steps 2-3.
Create a calendar entry from an email
Add an event from an email

Any invitations to events appear on your calendar. In Gmail, you can reply to the invitation, and it updates your calendar.

Share calendars and set permissions
Share calendars and set sharing permissions
  1. Click Settings ""and thenSettings.
  2. Under Settings for my calendars, click your calendar.
  3. Under Access permissions, choose how you want to share your calendar—only with your organization, or publicly on the web.

For more details, or to share your calendar with specific people, see Get started with Calendar.

Choose your calendar view
Choose your calendar view
  1. At the top right in the calendar view box, click the Down arrow Down arrow and choose an option:
    • View a calendar by day, week, month, or year
    • View your schedule
    • Hide or show weekends
    • Hide or show declined events
  2. To view multiple calendars side-by-side in day view—select Day view and check the boxes next to the calendars you want to see.
  3. To view the next or previous day’s calendar—next to Today, click Next Next arrow or Previous Back arrow.


Create task lists
Create task lists
  1. Choose an option:
    • In Calendar, on the right, click Tasks Tasks.
    • If it’s the first time you’re opening Tasks, at the bottom, click Get Started. (If you don’t see Tasks, at the bottom right, click Show side panel Back arrow.)
  2. (Optional) To create a new task list:
    • At the top under Tasks, click the Down arrow ""and thenCreate new list.
    • Add a name and click Done
  3. (Optional) To  change lists, click the Down arrow Down arrow and select a list.
  4. Click Add a task "" and enter a task.
  5. (Optional) To add details or a due date, click Edit Edit.
*These instructions are primarily web only.


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