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Google+ lets you create an online community where you can safely share team updates, new ideas, and common interests in real time.

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Learn Google+ basics

Get started with Google+

What you'll learn:

  • Set up your profile
  • Post and share content
  • Follow people
  • Create communities

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Cheat sheets

Google+ cheat sheet

Need a quick reference for the Google+ basics you've learned? Download this cheat sheet.

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Productivity guides

Best practices for Google+ communities

Get the most out of Google+ communities. Be productive and efficient with these tips and best practices.

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10 G Suite tips to onboard new team members

Organizations need to train and onboard new team members effectively. Use G Suite to create a simple way for employees to orient themselves on your projects and become productive fast.

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10 G Suite tips to build virtual teams

If you work on a team that’s spread across the globe, use G Suite to keep people connected and to collaborate seamlessly.

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Need more help?

Visit the Google+ Help Center.

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