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You can install apps that your organization recommends for work on your Apple® iOS® device. Your administrator can apply settings to manage corporate apps and help protect your organization’s data.

About managed corporate apps

If your organization uses certain apps for work, they might want to manage the app. Managing the app allows them to protect their data.

You might be asked to allow app management when...

  • You sign in to a G Suite app (such as Gmail or Google Docs) with your corporate account for the first time. 
  • You install an app that your admin specified for management. 
  • Your admin specifies an app for management that’s already on your device. 
You might also be prompted to update an app’s configuration if your admin changes any managed app settings.

When you allow an admin to manage an app, they can...

  • Remove the app and its associated data from your device (including your personal data) if you remove the Google Apps Device Policy profile from your device.
  • Prevent app data from being backed up to iCloud (including your personal data).
  • Prevent you from opening files from the app in an unmanaged app.
  • Prevent you from opening files from unmanaged apps in the managed app. 
Your admin doesn’t have any other control over your personal data, and they can’t see it (even in managed apps).

Before you begin

Before you can get corporate apps on your iOS device:

Get corporate apps

When you install a corporate app on your device, you see it on the home screen along with your personal apps.

  1. Tap Google Device Policy Google Apps Device Policy.
  2. Tap Menu Menuand then Apps.
  3. Tap the app that you want to install.
  4. Tap Download Download.
  5. Tap Install. You might need to enter your Apple ID and password.

Allow an admin to manage and update apps

If you don’t allow your admin to manage the app within 24 hours of being prompted, you won’t be able to access your G Suite account in Google mobile apps (such as Gmail and Google Calendar) on the device. 

  1. If prompted, install and open the Google Device Policy app
    The Device Policy app opens and managed apps are highlighted. 
  2. Review the apps and decide if you want to allow your admin to manage the apps. (You have 24 hours to allow your admin to manage the apps. You’ll get 2 reminders.)
  3. If you want to allow your admin to manage the apps, tap Update App Management
  4. Tap Manage for each app notification you see.
  5. If you do not allow your admin to manage the highlighted apps and change your mind later, open the Device Policy app, tap Regain work access and follow the steps above. 

How to tell if an app is managed

You can tell if an app is managed when you open the Google Device Policy app. In a managed app, you see a green checkmark App installed and managed and a note. If the checkmark is grayed out , the app isn’t managed by your admin.

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