See what your administrator controls on iOS

If your Apple iOS device is managed by your organization, your administrator might restrict access to some features on your device. For example, your administrator might turn Siri off or prevent you from taking screenshots on your device.

See the features your administrator controls

  1. On your device, tap Settings and then General and then Device Management.
  2. Under Mobile Device Management, tap Google Apps Device Policy Payload Profile
  3. Tap More details and then Mobile Device Management to see the settings your administrator can control on your device.
  4. Tap More details and then Network usage restrictions profile to see network restrictions that have been applied to your device.
  5. Tap Restrictions to see device restrictions that have been applied to your device.
  6. Tap Restrictions and then Passcode to see the password requirements for your device.

For more details about the features your organization can control, see How your iOS device is managed.

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