Download, install, and import

2. Sign in to Google Workspace

After starting Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GWMMO) you're prompted to sign in to your Google Workspace account. Signing in here lets GWMMO connect to your account to get ready for importing.

  1. Enter the email address that you use to log in to your Google Workspace account.
  2. Enter your password, choosing one of the following options:
    • No, help me sign in—Select this option if you'll be using a non-Google Workspace password to sign in to your account—that is, if your administrator has set up a single sign-on service that signs you in to other services in your organization, along with your Google Workspace account.
    • Yes, I have a password—Select this option if you'll be signing in with your Google Workspace password. Then enter the password here, too. (If no one has told you otherwise, this is probably the option you should select.)
  3. Check Remember me if you think you might be importing data to this account again from the command line. That way, when you next import data from the command line, GWMMO won't ask you to sign in.
  4. Click Next in the wizard to continue.

Now you need to choose the Microsoft Outlook profile you want to import...

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