View and manage your calendars

With G Suite Sync for Microsoft® Outlook® (GSSMO), you can manage any or all of your G Suite calendars from Outlook, including your primary calendar, calendars you create, and calendars other people have shared. Just select the calendars you want to synchronize with Outlook, and these calendars display in the Calendar Navigation Pane.

Select calendars to synchronize

If you track a lot of calendars, you can improve performance in Outlook by synchronizing only the calendars you're using now. Here's how to see which calendars are currently available for synching, and to select the ones to sync now:

  1. Click the GSSMO icon in your Windows System Tray. From the menu, open the Select Calendars to Sync dialog.
  2. The dialog shows all calendars associated with your G Suite account. Check a calendar in the dialog to display the calendar in Outlook's Calendar Navigation Pane. Uncheck a calendar to remove it from the navigation area:

If you track a lot of calendars, uncheck the ones you're not currently using to optimize performance in Outlook.

Add or remove which calendars can be synchronized

Here's how to specify which calendars are available for synching to Outlook (and therefore listed in the Select Calendars to Sync dialog):
  • Create a new calendar
    Create a new calendar folder in Outlook (just like you would with Microsoft® Exchange). The calendar appears in Outlook's Navigation Pane and is also available when you sign in to your Google Calendar account in a web browser.
  • Add a calendar someone shared
    If someone shares a calendar with you directly, it appears in Outlook's Navigation Pane automatically (you don't have to do anything to see it). If it's shared publicly or across your domain (such as a co-worker's calendar or a team calendar), you need to sign in to Google Calendar in a web browser to add it to Outlook. For details, see Add a calendar someone shared.
  • Delete a calendar folder from Outlook
    If you delete a calendar folder from Outlook (using Outlook's Delete Calendar Name command), the calendar is removed from your Navigate Pane, but it's not actually deleted from your account. It remains in the Select Calendars to Sync dialog, but is unchecked and therefore no longer synched with Outlook. You can display it again by opening the dialog and re-checking the calendar.
  • Delete a calendar completely
    To delete a calendar completely from your G Suite account—a calendar that you no longer want to track at all—you must sign in to G Suite account in a web browser and delete it from there. The calendar is removed from the Select Calendars to Sync dialog and therefore no longer available to view from Outlook. For details, see Delete a calendar.
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