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With G Suite Sync for Microsoft® Outlook® (GSSMO), you normally create a profile for accessing G Suite from Outlook, when you first install the plug-in. (You therefore don't need to create a profile later, as described here). However, if you need to create another profile (say, you have another G Suite account you want to access from Outlook), or if you need to recreate your original profile, here's what to do:

If you're trying to repair missing data in your Outlook profile, you might not need to recreate your original profile from scratch. Try re-syncronizing it, instead.
  1. If you're recreating your original profile, remove the existing profile from Outlook. (This doesn't delete any data from your G Suite account. But it does delete settings you made in Outlook, such as your email signature, rules, custom category definitions, and so on.) Go to your Windows Control Panel > Mail settings, and click Show Profiles.

    Then select the profile you plan to recreate, and remove it.

  2. From your Windows Start menu, open All Programs. Then choose GSSMO > Set up a GSSMO user.
  3. Follow these same steps for signing into your G Suite or Education Edition account and creating your profile, as you did when you first installed GSSMO.

If you're recreating your original profile, and you imported your mail, calendar, contacts, or notes the first time you created this profile, do not re-import this data now. It's still in your G Suite account and will be there when you open the new profile—re-importing will only cause duplicates. You can re-import tasks and journal entries as these aren't stored by G Suite and therefore won't be duplicated.

If you've never imported into this G Suite account, go ahead and import now.

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