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Install G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook

G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook® (GSSMO) is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that lets you keep using Outlook to manage your G Suite or Education account. Specifically, GSSMO syncs your mail, contacts, calendar events, Outlook notes, and tasks between your Google profile in Outlook and your G Suite account in the cloud, so you can access the same information at any time from either interface.


  1. If you haven't already, sign in to your G Suite account on the web at least once, to accept Google's Terms and Conditions.
  2. Install GSSMO on the computer where you run Outlook, using one of the methods below (whichever one applies for you). Note that installing GSSMO also installs G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook, which lets you import Outlook data to G Suite (more on that, soon).

    I'm downloading GSSMO myself
    1. If you are your domain's administrator, enable GSSMO for your domain by making some quick settings in your Google Admin console, as described in these requirements and settings. Otherwise, skip this step as it's probably already been done for you.
    2. Go to the GSSMO download page and carefully review the system requirements listed there. Before continuing with installation, install any necessary updates to your version of Outlook or Windows.
    3. From the same download page, click the big download button to download and install GSSMO.
    My administrator downloaded it for me

    If you belong to a large organization, your administrator might have prepared an installation file for you. In that case, all you have to do is install it.

    1. From your Windows Control Panel, open Run Advertised Programs, select GSSMO from the list of programs, and click Run to install GSSMO.
    2. From the Windows Start menu, open All Programs. Then choose GSSMO > Set up a GSSMO user.

After installation, you're asked to sign in to your G Suite account. Click the arrow to continue.