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Om du vill använda Gemini for Google Workspace måste språket för ditt Google-konto vara inställt på engelska. Läs mer

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Use Gemini for Google Workspace

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Before you use Gemini for Google Workspace
  • Gemini feature suggestions don’t represent Google’s views, and should not be attributed to Google.
  • Don’t rely on Gemini features as medical, legal, financial, or other professional advice.
  • Gemini features may suggest inaccurate or inappropriate information. Your feedback makes Gemini more helpful and safe.
  • Enterprise end users can submit feedback to Google Workspace regarding their experience using generative AI features. End users are informed before submitting the feedback that feedback data should not contain personal, sensitive, or confidential information and may be read by humans.

Om du vill använda Gemini for Google Workspace måste språket för ditt Google-konto vara inställt på engelska. Läs mer

Gemini is an AI-powered assistant from Google with enterprise-grade security and privacy. Use Gemini to help you write, visualize, organize, and connect in Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and more. And chat with Gemini at gemini.google.com.


Quick start guide

Write business communications in Docs & Gmail

Use Gemini in Google Docs and Gmail when you write.

  • Draft a blog post or project plan.
  • Rewrite an existing document to make it more concise or more detailed.
  • Write a customer outreach email based on a product announcement.

Learn how

Create images in Slides

Use Gemini in Google Slides to create custom images. Enter a prompt to describe the image you want. Then choose from the options Gemini generates.

Learn howIllustrate presentations

Create tables & use Smart Fill in Sheets

Use Gemini in Google Sheets to organize and process data. Enter a prompt describing what you want. Gemini then creates a table with placeholder data. Or, use Gemini to detect incomplete column pairs and predict remaining values.

Learn how: Organize data in spreadsheets

Connect with colleagues in Meet

Use Gemini in Google Meet to create a custom background, such as an illustration of a magical forest, or fix issues with lighting. You can also give participants real-time translated captions in their preferred languages. 

Learn how: Enhance your meeting experience

Chat with Gemini at gemini.google.com

You can use Gemini as a standalone experience at gemini.google.com. There, you can chat with Gemini with access to enterprise-grade data protections to supercharge your productivity at work. 

Learn how: Brainstorm for new ideas

Get tips for using Gemini in your role at work

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Learn how Gemini can help you with every-day tasks, like recruiting and hiring employees, creating marketing materials, and managing your sales pipeline.

Role-specific prompts

Tips for writing prompts

Writing prompts for Gemini is different from writing questions for search engines. Get tips to write prompts for Gemini

Learn more about generative AI

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Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is a type of machine learning model. It's not human. But it's very good finding patterns. And it builds on existing technologies, like large language models (LLMs).

LLMs are trained on large amounts of text, and they learn to predict the next word in a sentence. For example, they can predict that "think outside the ___" is more likely to be followed by "box" than "blue".

Today, generative AI models like Gemini can also help us create new content like business plans, images, videos, and code.


Keep learning about generative AI

More training & help

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