Port out Voice numbers

If your organization stops using Google Voice as a part of Google Workspace, you can port the phone numbers from Voice to another service provider. To port out the numbers, get a PIN (or other code, depending on your country) and initiate the port request with the receiving service provider.

Before you begin

  • Don't cancel your Voice service until your new provider notifies you that the port is complete. Otherwise, the new provider could reject the port request.
  • Make sure the address in the port request matches the primary location you set up in the Google Admin console. For details, see Add Voice locations.

Get a PIN or code for your port-out request

Some service providers, countries, or regions might require more information, such as your account ID or the primary location set for Voice. To see your primary location, in the Service management section of Google Voice, click Locations.

The following table provides examples of the required information for a few countries. If the gaining operator requests this information, contact Google Workspace.

Country Required information
Canada PIN, the customer name, and the service address zip code
France SIRET code
Ireland UAN
Italy Codice Segreto
Portugal CVP code
U.S. PIN and an address (zip code)
  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in @gmail.com).

  2. In the Admin console, go to Menu ""and then"" Appsand thenGoogle Workspaceand thenGoogle Voice.
  3. Click Number porting.
  4. On the Number porting page, click Port-out info.
    In the Port-out info window, you get the code to validate requests. 
  5. (Optional) To see the code, click Preview "".
  6. (Optional) To copy the code, click Copy "".
  7. (Optional) To change it, click Edit "" and enter a new code that’s at least 4–10 digits long.

    Note: Changing the code might cause a port-out request that's in progress to be rejected.

  8. Click Close.
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