Replacing legacy systems with Meet

When you change to Hangouts Meet from another videoconferencing system, you want to ensure a successful transition. To do this, you need to prepare and support your network and users so that they can successfully manage the change.

Prepare your network and hardware

Step 1: Prepare your network

Before you turn on Meet, make sure your network has enough bandwidth and the correct configurations to support video meetings. For details, see Prepare your network.

Step 2: Install your system

To install and set up Hangouts Meet hardware or Chromebox for meetings for your company or group:

  1. Read your welcome email.
  2. Review the system and service requirements.
  3. Unpack the box and check that all components are there.
  4. Install the hardware.
  5. Connect the cables.

For more details, see Install your system.

Step 3: Customize Meet for your organization

Depending on your G Suite edition, you can customize Meet to help your users get the most out of their experience.

As a G Suite administrator, you can:

  • Allow users to record their video meetings. Learn more
  • Allow video meetings to be streamed live to a larger audience. Learn more
  • Have Meet video meetings added to an Outlook event. Learn more
  • Let third-party videoconferencing systems join Meet video meetings. Learn more

Support your users

Prepare your support team

So that your support team can help your users, they should: 
  1. Know how to use Hangouts Meet.
  2. Be able to troubleshoot issues with video meetings and meeting rooms.
  3. Understand your users’ video meeting activity.
  4. Know what information to provide when contacting G Suite support.

Have your support team review the following resources:

Inform your users

Prepare your users for the change. You can hang posters, hand out guides, and send an email to help them with the switch.

For details, see Upgrade from classic Hangouts to Meet.

Train your users

Refer people in your organization to the Learning Center tutorials, Google Meet Help Center, and other training material.
For details, see Train your users.

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