The Jamboard 55-inch whiteboard device will reach its end of life on October 1, 2024, following its automatic update expiration (AUE) date of September 30, 2024. Learn more here.

Troubleshoot Jamboard device

You can troubleshoot issues, download device logs, and test components right from your Jamboard. For example, you might need to test your camera or speakers. If you're an administrator for your organization, you can review device log information to troubleshoot problems.

Open the Jamboard admin tool

  1. On a Jamboard, tap Menu and then Jamboard Settings and then About Jamboard.
  2. Tap Build Number 7 times.

You can tap an option to capture logs, troubleshoot, and view WiFi certificate and system information.

Test Jamboard components

You can check whether different parts of the board are working correctly. For example, you might need to test whether the board’s speakers are working. Tap Troubleshoot Device and then tap an item to begin the test.

  • Camera—Tests the camera. The camera view will display on the screen.
  • Speakers—Warning: This test emits a loud noise that sounds like an alarm.
  • Microphone—Warning: This test emits a loud noise that sounds like an alarm.
  • Touch Controller—Tests the touch input of the screen. If the test finds any problems, you’ll see an error code that you can share with Jamboard support.
  • Hosts—The board tests different host names by pinging them.

View, install, or remove Wi-Fi certificates

You can see a list Wi-FI certificates for the board. Or, you can delete certificates and install new ones. Tap Wi-Fi Certificates to view your options.

Clean the board screen

When you tap Clean Screen, Jamboard detects and highlights areas on the screen that need to be cleaned. To clean the screen, use the microfiber cloth included with the board.

Find Jamboard’s software version

You can tap System Info to get information, such as the board’s Build ID and package version. If you contact support about an issue, you might be asked for some of this information.

Check for software updates

Tap Check System Update to install software updates for the board.

Save device logs to a USB drive

You can download device logs to a USB drive. You might need the device logs to troubleshoot the board. Or, Google support might ask you to provide the logs. Tap Capture Logs to view device logs or save them to a USB drive.

For details, see Get Jamboard device logs for support issues.

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