Manage Google Voice in the Admin console

When you sign up for Google Workspace with Voice, your organization gets a simple way to deploy and manage phone numbers at scale. Employees aren't tied to one device for their phone calls, text messages, or voicemail.

Get started: Set up Voice

After your organization signs up for Google Voice, your team gets phone numbers for calls, text messages, and voicemail. Users can link their number to any mobile or landline number and access Voice on their smartphones and computers.

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Add more features

Customize Voice for your organization by adding powerful features, such as:

  • Auto attendants—Design a menu system to direct callers to people or departments.
  • Desk phones—Set up desk phones for users to make and get Voice calls.
  • Ring groups—Set up ring groups to send Voice calls to a team of people.
  • Track use and activity—Understand how your organization uses Voice.

Understand subscriptions and billing

Compare subscriptions and understand your monthly charges.

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