Troubleshoot GCCIN

Google Calendar Connector for IBM Notes

Here’s how to fix problems you might have with Google Calendar Connector for IBM® Notes® (GCCIN).

Error messages

Google Calendar users see "Calendar cannot be shown"

This issue can occur for the following reasons:

The Google Calendar user can’t connect to your IBM Domino server

To try and fix the issue, you can:

  1. Check all settings and confirm there are no restrictions preventing requests from getting through to the Domino® server from the browser.
  2. Enable detailed event logging and check the log database for incoming web service requests. Learn more

The Notes user is provisioned in G Suite

To try and fix the issue, you can:

  • Add the user to an organizational unit where the Calendar service is disabled.
  • Suspend the user in G Suite.

On the user’s Person document, the Calendar field is not set to Notes

To try and fix the issue, check the Calendar field in the Person document and try again.

Update Calendars in 'dbname.nsf' errors

You might see the following errors in the server log:

  • AMgr: Agent 'Update Calendars' in 'dbname.nsf' does not have proper execution access, cannot be run
  • AMgr: Agent 'Update Calendars’ in 'dbname.nsf' encountered error: Error validating user's agent execution access

These errors indicate the template wasn’t signed before you installed the tool. You need to sign the connector database with a trusted ID (the server ID is recommended). Learn more

Notes error: Unable to open Name and Address Book...

Check the Domino server where the mail file resides. Make sure the server has the connector server listed as a trusted server. For details on your mail server and connector server, see Create a Server Group document.

Feed terminated: Microsoft HTTP / Network error occurred

It’s not uncommon to see occasional HTTP-connection time-outs. If the problem persists, on the Network tab of your Server Group document, try setting the Network time-out value to Off. For details, see Create a Server Group document.

Deployment issues

Notes calendars are not being updated with Google information

This issue can occur even if you have active Google Calendar users listed in the connector database. To try and fix the issue, you can:

Enable detailed event logging and check the log database for more information

To enable detailed event logging:

  1. In GCCIN, click System Setup.
  2. Click the Advanced tab.
  3. Enable the Detailed event logging option.

Check your Domino server log for errors while the Update Calendars agent is running

The agent should run automatically on an hourly basis.

If it doesn't run, try running it manually by following these steps:

  1. Enter the following command on the Domino console / server window:

    Tell amgr run "gccin\gccin.nsf" 'update calendars'

  2. Verify the agent ran.
  3. Review the Domino console and GCCIN log for errors.

Note: You might need to adjust the command according to your NSF file path.

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