G Suite Enterprise for Education FAQ

Below are common questions about G Suite Enterprise for Education. 

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Is G Suite Enterprise for Education available to anyone?

Customers worldwide can purchase G Suite Enterprise for Education. To find a partner, go to the Google Cloud Partner Directory

Can I get G Suite Enterprise for Education without G Suite for Education?

To purchase G Suite Enterprise for Education, schools must qualify and have an active subscription for G Suite for Education.

Are large districts and universities required to buy G Suite Enterprise for Education?

No. Large schools aren’t required to buy G Suite Enterprise for Education. It has an optional set of features for educational institutions that want them.

Do I have to buy a minimum number of licenses?

Yes. You must buy a minimum of 50 licenses or 15% of total full-time employee licenses, whichever is higher.

Will G Suite Enterprise for Education work the same across my organization if I only buy the minimum number of licenses?

G Suite Enterprise for Education only works for users who have Enterprise for Education licenses. If you only buy the minimum number of Enterprise for Education licenses, users without a license might not have all features.

Do G Suite for Education certifications apply to Enterprise for Education?

Yes. Enterprise for Education complies with the same certifications as G Suite for Education, including:

  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 27017
  • ISO 27018
  • SOC 2 and 3
Do I need a new contract?

There’s no need for an addendum or new contract.


How does G Suite Enterprise for Education compare to Google Workspace Enterprise?
G Suite Enterprise for Education has many of the features available to Enterprise customers. For details, go to Compare Education editions.
Is data loss prevention included in G Suite Enterprise for Education?
Yes. Data loss prevention (DLP) is available to all schools as part of G Suite Enterprise for Education.
How large should a school or district be to need the enterprise features?
There’s no size threshold, but educational institutions with more complex requirements can benefit from the enterprise-level capabilities.
Can I remove certain features or buy them separately?
No. You can’t remove or buy features separately.


Can I try it before I buy?

Yes. You can get a free 30-day trial of G Suite Enterprise for Education for up to 10 users.

How does a G Suite Enterprise for Education subscription work?

You buy G Suite Enterprise for Education as a service on an annual plan and commit to purchase G Suite Enterprise for Education services for one year. You can prepay for the year or make monthly payments. 

If you cancel your subscription before the contract ends, you’re still responsible for the full value of the annual commitment.

How are employees defined?

An employee is any individual who is full or part-time faculty or staff. Student workers and graduate assistants are not considered employees.

How many student licenses can I get for free?

If you purchased full domain licensing for all staff, you get 10 free student licenses for every purchased faculty or staff license in that domain. If your student-to-faculty or staff ratio exceeds 10 to one, you might need to purchase extra faculty or staff licenses to get additional student licenses.

How should I handle suspended accounts?

To avoid applying licenses to suspended users, we recommend that customers move suspended users to their own organizational unit.

If you applied licenses to suspended users, you can reclaim these licenses by removing them on the Users page. Licenses can also be reclaimed by deleting the account.

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If I deploy for my faculty and staff, are alumni accounts included for free?

If you purchased full domain licensing for all staff, you get up to 10 free student licenses for every purchased faculty or staff license in that domain. If you want both student and alumni accounts, you can purchase extra faculty or staff licenses.

Can an institution buy individual licenses?

The minimum number of individual licences that an institution can purchase is 50 or 15% of the total faculty and staff, whichever is higher.

What are the Terms of Service?

The Terms of Service are the same Terms of Service for G Suite for Education.

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