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Licensing FAQ

For each Google Meet hardware device you purchase, you also purchase and assign a software license to that device. Licenses allow your device to work with the Google Meet service and gain access to device management tools in the Google Admin console.

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What are the Google Meet hardware licensing basics?

Google does not sell or distribute Google Meet hardware kits. To purchase Google Meet hardware, contact a reseller or other third-party vendor. For details, go to Where is Google Meet hardware sold and supported? You should always confirm that any hardware you purchase is a fully supported Google Meet hardware kit and be sure to check the auto-update expiration policy.

When you order your devices, you must also purchase a software license for each device. You don't have to purchase both together. To easily supply future devices, you can buy extra licenses in advance and hold them until they are required.

Licenses are sold for a one-year term from the date of purchase. If you purchase an additional license, it's prorated to end on the same date as the original license.

Do I need Google Workspace to use Google Meet hardware?

Yes. For details, go to Google Workspace requirements.

How do I purchase & manage software licenses?

When you order Google Meet hardware, for each device you order, you should also purchase a software license for that device (if you do not already have one). You don't have to purchase both together. However, if you're purchasing licenses from the same reseller that you purchased your devices from, both transactions can take place in the same order.

Buy directly from Google

If you purchase a Google Workspace license directly from Google, you should contact your Google sales representative for details on how to purchase Google Meet hardware licenses.

Use a Google Workspace reseller

If your Google Workspace reseller is authorized to sell Google Meet hardware licenses, they can supply your account with Google Meet hardware licenses. You can purchase Google Meet hardware from any reseller or vendor. It doesn't have to be the same reseller that sold you the licenses. 

If you already have active Google Meet hardware licenses purchased through another reseller, you can move your Google Meet hardware licenses to your Google Workspace reseller. For details, go to Transfer a subscription from a reseller.

Consolidate Google Meet hardware licenses with a single reseller

You can consolidate your license purchases with a single reseller. For details, go to Transfer a subscription from a reseller.

Why does my reseller want to move my Google Meet hardware licenses to the Partner Sales Console?
Starting from February 1, 2024, resellers can purchase Google Meet hardware licenses using the Partner Sales Console.

Purchasing Google Meet hardware subscription licenses using the Partner Sales Console is less prone to order errors and allows licenses to autorenew. For detailed information, go to Migrate Meet hardware licenses to Partner Sales Console.

Note: Moving your subscription is optional but strongly recommended.

How do I assign a license to a device?

When you enroll your device, the enrollment process automatically assigns one of your available licenses. If you don't have any licenses available, you can't enroll the device.

How can I tell how many licenses I have?

You can view the number of licenses currently in use in the Google Admin console under Billing.

When & how do I renew my software licenses?

When your renewal date is approaching, Google sends you a reminder email. To renew your license, contact your Google Sales representative or the reseller from whom you purchased Google Meet hardware.

You can also find your renewal date in the Google Admin console. Go to Subscriptionsand thenGoogle Meet hardware.

Depending on how your reseller placed your order, your subscription might automatically renew. Contact your Google Sales representative or the reseller to confirm whether they have elected to autorenew. If they haven't, ask them to place a renewal order when your subscription is coming to an end.

If you purchased your licenses directly from Google, they don't autorenew.

Can all my licenses renew on the same date?

If you purchase more than one Google Meet hardware license, all your licenses renew on the renewal date of the first license you purchased. For all licenses after the first one, the initial licensing period and associated cost are prorated to match the renewal date.

Note: Your Google Meet hardware license renewal date is different from your other Google Workspace license renewals dates. These licenses renew separately.

How do I revoke (deprovision) a license?

Deprovisioning a device revokes the Google Meet hardware license for the device.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. Go to Menu and then Devicesand thenGoogle Meet hardwareand thenDevices.
  3. Choose an option:
  4. At the top right, select More Moreand thenDeprovision.

    You might have to scroll to the top of the list to see this menu.

  5. Confirm that you want to deprovision the device.

To use the device again, you must wipe and re-enroll the device to associate it with an available license.

How do I re-enroll a device that was deprovisioned?

To re-enroll a device that was deprovisioned, go to Re-enroll a device.

How do I apply an existing license to a new device?

You might need to switch a license from an existing device to a new one if the device hardware fails, or is replaced by a different model.

  1. Deprovision the old device (this step allows the license to be used for a new device).
  2. Complete the Basic enrollment for the new device.

Note: The available license will be applied to the new device, but the settings from the old unit will not be applied to the new one.

Tip: You can re-enroll a device that was deprovisioned, if necessary.

How do I transfer licenses to a new domain?

If your organization’s network domain changes, all existing licenses can be redistributed from the old domain to the new one.

In general, all licenses must be transferred to the new domain. Google does not allow partial redistribution.

Requirements for a full license transfer are:
  1. All devices with licenses to be transferred must be deprovisioned from before transfer can begin.
  2. All licenses must be moved from to
  3. Before the transfer, cannot have any active CFM licenses.
  4. cannot be a domain on the free version of Google Workspace.
What happens if I don't renew my licenses?

If you fail to renew your licenses at the end of your term, your management service suspends.

During the suspension period, you can't change management settings or take actions other than deprovisioning devices. Any device that's in a provisioned state is moved to a delinquent state and isn't able to join meetings.

If this situation isn't fixed, your subscription is eventually canceled and you lose access to the Google Meet hardware section of the Google Admin console. After a period of time, delinquent devices are automatically deprovisioned and their data is deleted. Once this occurs, it isn't possible to restore the data, even if you repurchase licenses.

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