G Suite Enterprise for Education overview

G Suite Enterprise for Education includes all G Suite for Education features plus premium tools for security, data control, teaching, and communication.

G Suite Enterprise for Education features

  • Security center—Use advanced analytics to control security and view data across your organization. Learn more
  • Data regions—Store user data in a specific geographic location (the U.S. or Europe). Learn more
  • Originality reports—Use reports with an unlimited number of assignments to help students properly cite their source material. Learn more
  • Cloud Search—Get a unified search experience across G Suite Enterprise for Education services with Google Cloud Search. Learn more
  • Google Meet advanced features—Live-stream and record video meetings, save meeting recordings to Google Drive, dial in to meetings by phone , and create meetings with up to 250 participants. Learn more
  • Advanced mobile management—Enforce passwords, manage apps by organizational unit or group, and set policies for devices. Learn more
  • Google Workspace reports and Gmail logs in BigQuery—Use reports and logs to diagnose issues and discover insights. Learn more
  • Third-party archiving for mail—Integrate Gmail with a third-party archiving solution. Learn more
  • Migration options—If at least 15% of your users have a license, you can migrate all your user data securely to G Suite Enterprise for Education. Learn more
  • Enhanced support—Get faster response times from a dedicated team of product specialists when you purchase over 200 licenses.

For more details, compare G Suite for Education editions.

Buy G Suite Enterprise for Education

Customers worldwide can purchase G Suite Enterprise for Education from a Google partner. To find a partner, go to the Google Cloud Partner Directory.

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