What to consider when you turn on Cloud Search

Before you turn on Google Cloud Search for your organization, review this information.

Turning Cloud Search on or off

Cloud Search is turned on by default for new domains in eligible Google Workspace editions. Administrators can turn off Cloud Search through the Admin console. Learn more

If Cloud Search is turned on for any user in your organization, Cloud Search may access and process Google Workspace data for all users across your organization, including Google Workspace users who don't have access to the Cloud Search service. This functionality allows Cloud Search to provide users high-quality search results and relevant recommendations.

Permission changes, content updates, and file deletions

If a file’s permissions or content changes, or if a Google Workspace file is deleted, these changes propagate to Cloud Search, usually with minimal delay. Due to technical limitations, however, it may occasionally take longer for some changes to become effective. In those cases, Cloud Search will show the title, snippet, or thumbnail of older search results until the change becomes effective.

Cloud Search and the global Directory

When you enable your global Directory, people in your organization can use Cloud Search to find contact information and employee details for people in the directory. Learn more

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