Delete a Marketplace app from G Suite

Delete a Marketplace app as an administrator

As an admin, you can remove a Marketplace app from your organization's G Suite account. When you delete an app, none of your users can access it.

  1. From the Admin console Home page, go to Appsand thenMarketplace apps.
  2. Click the app name.
  3. In the upper right of the Settings page, click  Trash icon.
  4. Click Remove App.

The app and any associated licenses are permanently removed from your account. The application vendor will delete your data according to their data retention policy. If you want to reinstall the app, you might need to repurchase it. Check the vendor's website or Terms of Service for more information.

Delete an app as a user

  1. Sign in to your G Suite account.

  2. Go to the G Suite Marketplace at

  3. In the top left, click Marketplace Menu .

  4. Scroll down and click Settings Manage Apps.

  5. In the section Apps Installed by You, find the app and click More More  and select Uninstall. 
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