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Monitor usage and security with reports

The Admin console reports and logs make it easy to examine potential security risks, measure user collaboration, track who signs in and when, analyze administrator activity, and much more. The reports have interactive graphics and tables that show broad, domain-level data alongside granular, user-level details. Hover your cursor over graphics to see specific data, set filters to adjust the scope of the data each report covers, and click table cells to see accompanying graphical representations. In most cases, you can also customize the data columns in each table.

The Admin console reports and logs are organized as follows:

  • Highlights
    See overviews of key metrics and trends in your G Suite domain, including app usage, users status, file visibility, and security.
  • Security
    Assess your domain's overall exposure to data breach, and discover which particular users pose security risks by eschewing 2-step verification, installing external apps, or sharing documents indiscriminately.
  • Apps Usage Activity
    See how your organization uses G Suite over a specific period by examining email activity, the number of spreadsheets created, the number of files shared, and more.
  • Account Activity
    Access all the data from the Security, Apps Usage Activity, and Highlights pages in a single master report.
  • Audits
    View logs of various activity, including admin activity, Drive audit logs, Mobile audit, Marketplace App logins, and email metadata.


You can also monitor alerts of various user activity and settings critical events that affect your domain, such as Suspicious login activity, User's password changed, Mobile settings changed, Drive settings changed, and more at the Manage alerts link.

To access the reports and logs, sign in to your Google Admin console and click Reports. If you don't see the Reports icon, click More Controls and drag the Reports icon to your dashboard.

How old is the data I'm seeing?

You won’t see complete data up to the present day. Instead, under the graph heading you'll see the latest date for the column data. 

Occasionally, you'll see an asterisk "*" next to a column name. This indicates that the data in this particular column might be stale compared to the data in other columns on the same page.

For details on exactly when data becomes available and how long it's retained, see Data retention and lag times.

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