Turn on Gmail for your team

The first step to using Gmail with Google Apps is to make sure the Gmail service is turned on in your Admin console. This allows people to access their Gmail inbox when they sign in to their Google for Work account.

To enable people's Gmail inbox (basic steps):

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. From the dashboard, go to Apps > Google Apps.
  3. Look for Gmail in the list of services, click Settings at the right, and choose ON for everyone or ON for some organizations from the menu.

    Turn on Gmail service

    You can also click Gmail in the list to open the Gmail settings page, then click Settings in the top corner to turn on Gmail.

For detailed steps, see Turn on or off Google Apps services.

You're not done with Gmail setup yet. Turning on the Gmail service doesn't make mail start flowing to people's Gmail accounts. You must first give everyone a user account, then switch your mail flow to Google Apps. For complete setup steps, see Set up Gmail for your team.

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