Transfer a website to Google Apps

If you would like to set up a company-internal website with Google Apps, we suggest that you use Google Sites. If you are looking for an external website builder for your customers and partners, please see Create an external website to learn more about our website builder partners.

Google Sites is an application that allows your users to easily create web pages without having to write or modify HTML. Your users can share information and collaborate internally, as well as host files and documents. You can make these pages available internally (like an intranet), only to a certain set of users, or to the entire world!

Learn more about using Google Sites

Please note that if you have an existing web site that you've set up independently, it isn't possible to transfer it directly to Google Apps. Google doesn't allow you to upload files directly for web hosting, so you'll essentially have to recreate your web pages from your control panel using Google Sites, if you wish to associate the site with Apps.

To quickly copy other sites you've been invited to:

  1. Click the gear icon at the top of the page and select Manage site.
  2. Select General in the Site settings section.
  3. Click the Copy this Site link next to Site Actions.
  4. Enter the site name, and click Copy site.

To copy a site from a personal account into an Google Apps account you use at work or school, share your site with your business or student account, and copy the site.

Note: Google Page Creator is no longer available as part of Apps. We recommend that you use Google Sites to create your web pages.
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