Join a video call from a non-Google system

You can easily extend the reach of classic Hangout video calls to other video conferencing systems or to phone-only conference calls, using integration tools from Google partners. For example, use Uberconference or InterCall for conference call integration.

Note: These instructions are for classic Hangout video calls only.


To request access to join a classic Hangouts video call, guests must be signed in to a Google account (such as Gmail). Users also must have a Google+ profile to use Hangouts apps with Uberconference or Intercall audio apps. Learn more.

Review the documentation from your integration solution provider to be sure all other requirements are in place.

Video integration

(Required) Enable external guests by default

Users of some non-Google video integration apps are treated as external guests. For the best experience, follow the steps below to allow guests to request access by default.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. Go to Apps > G Suite > Google Hangouts.
  3. Click Global settings.
  4. Under Video calls, select All classic Hangouts video calls begin with external guests allowed to request access.

Audio-only integration

To use the audio integration apps, you must first enable Google Voice in your Google Admin console.

(Required) Enable Google Voice

The audio integration apps will work only if Google Voice is enabled for your users.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. Go to Apps > Additional Google Services.

    Additional Google services

  3. On the Additional Google services page, click filter to open your Filters. Then uncheck the Show top featured services box.
  4. Click the Google Voice service.

  5. Follow these steps to turn the service on for users.

Add the UberConference app to allow anyone to join your Hangouts video call from any phone using a conference calling bridge. Participants on the classic Hangout web interface can see the name, phone number, and location of all voice callers, and mute them if necessary. UberConference also allows you to record the audio meeting for future reference.

See the UberConference site for more information and pricing. And check out the video to add an UberConference number to Hangouts.

The UberConference app can only be added through classic Hangouts on the web.
InterCall for Hangouts

The “InterCall for Hangouts” app integrates InterCall video call systems with classic Hangouts. Hangouts that use the “InterCall for Hangouts” Hangout App display all video and voice participants in the film strip with controls to mute, dismiss and manage the participants.

Contact for more information.

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