Install your Meet or Chromebox system

Here's how to install and set up Google Meet hardware for your company or group.

Before you begin

Verify that all Google Meet hardware requirements are met.

Step 1: Read your welcome email

To avoid errors, you need to read the information in your welcome email before you turn on and enroll any devices. Your welcome email has information about device licenses and how to access the Google Admin console. You need a device license for each Chromebox you want to enroll and at least 2 devices and 2 licenses to communicate between rooms.

To check how many device licenses you have:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. Go to Menu and then Devicesand thenGoogle Meet hardwareand thenDevices.
  3. At the left, under More, the License management section will describe how many licenses are in use.

Step 2: Review requirements

Make sure the room, network, and other components are ready to go. Review the Google Meet hardware requirements

Step 3: Unpack the box

Every kit includes a card with your device's serial number. Keep this card and note the room where the device is located so you can easily identify which device is in which room. You need the serial number if you contact support for assistance.

The Chromebox supports multiple models and types, and the kit does not include display monitors. Use a 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixel resolution) monitor with a screen size between 40 and 55 inches (101 and 140 cm). For guidance on correctly sizing your display, read the Google Room design guide

Check the box to make sure no items are missing or damaged. If needed, contact the manufacturer or your Google reseller. 

Series One Series One cabling

Series One hardware uses power over ethernet (POE) for connections between devices. Cables are included with the hardware in the following lengths:

Device type Cable length Cable type
Smart camera Lite  2m (6.5ft) CAT 5E UTP 28AWG
Smart camera XL 2m (6.5ft) CAT 5E UTP 28AWG
Smart audio bar 2m (6.5ft) CAT 5E STP 28AWG*
5m (16.5ft) CAT 5E UTP 28AWG
Add-on audio bar 2m (6.5ft) CAT 5E UTP 28AWG
Mic pod 2m (6.5ft) CAT 5E UTP 28AWG
Meet touch controller 5m (16.5ft) CAT 5E UTP 28AWG
Meet compute system 2m (6.5ft)


*CAT5E STP or higher for compute box to smart audio bar only

Each cable length can be extended in accordance with TIA/EIA 568-C.2 standards to support a wide range of installation scenarios. Please refer to these guidelines when planning your installation:

  • CAT5E or higher.
  • 24AWG or higher is recommended for cable lengths longer than 10m.
  • Cables that are terminated on-site from bulk cables must be certified to CAT5E or higher using a cable tester.
  • Patch connections from bulk cabling can be used if the total point-to-point cable run is certified, tested, and does not exceed TIA/EIA 568-C.2 standards.
Google Meet hardware kit (Asus)

Depending on the model, your Google Meet hardware kit can contain:

  • Chromebox
  • Camera
  • Google Meet speakermic and touchscreen controller
  • Getting started guide
  • Mounting bracket
  • Mounting hardware
  • Table mat
  • Camera USB cable
  • Speakermic cable
  • Touchscreen mini-HDMI cable (green)
  • Touchscreen mini-USB data cable (blue)
  • Touchscreen micro-USB power cable (red)
  • Chromebox power cable
Google Meet hardware speakermic

The Google Meet speakermic contains:

  • Google Meet speakermic
  • Speakermic power cable and wall adapter
  • Ethernet cable to connect multiple speakermics

Step 4: Install the hardware

For guidance on how best to plan and install your Meet hardware kits, refer to our Room design guide.

Step 5: Connect cables

Use your Chromebox over a wired network connection for best sound and video quality. However, you can also use it over a wireless network connection.


  • Connect cables first, then connect to a power outlet.
  • Ensure Cat 5e cables are properly seated.
  • Cables ends are color coded for easy identification. 
Series One

Small room


Medium room

Large room

Logitech Meet hardware kits

For further information, see the Logitech Google Meet installation guide.

Google Meet hardware kit (CN65)

Small room

Large room

To print this diagram, download Welcome to your Google Meet hardware kit (pdf).


Connect the speakermic, monitor, and camera directly to the Chromebox or connect them to the Chromebox using qualified USB 3.0 hubs. Use the USB cable to connect the touchscreen directly to the Chromebox. For Chromebox CN65, the secondary video output is USB Type-C.
You can connect multiple speakermics to the Google Meet hardware. For more information, see the Meet speakermic Quick Start Guide.

Do not plug the HDMI cable from the touchscreen into the Chromebox. This cable is plugged in to your computer to present content only to the room. If both HDMI and Displayport are used, HDMI will act as the primary display.

In the CN65 hardware kit, the bundled power supply has a higher wattage. It's not compatible with older, existing power supplies.

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Meet configuration diagram for a small room

Google Meet hardware kit (CN62) Large room

Meet configuration diagram for a large room.

To print this diagram, download the Google Meet hardware kit configuration guide


Standard Chromebox for meetings kit

Configuration of Chromebox for meetings.

Chromebox for meetings large room kit

Configuration of Chromebox for meetings large room kit


Next steps

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