Set the default for profile discoverability

You can control whether your users’ profiles can be indexed by search engines, by default.

If the Profile Discoverability option is checked, we help people outside your organization find user profiles by allowing search engines to list the profiles in their results. If unchecked, people outside your organization can only discover profiles if they know an email address or profile URL.

Important Notes:

  • This option is automatically disabled if a user creates a Google+ profile with a birthday that indicates he or she is under 18 years of age. Profile discoverability is disabled for those users even if the Help people outside the organization find user profiles setting is (enabled as described below).
  • Remember that even though you can set a default profile discoverability setting, your users can still choose whether their profiles are indexed by search engines.
  • The profile discoverability option affects only external searches. If you have Contact Sharing enabled, all users who are not hidden from the Google Apps Directory can still be found within your organization, even if the users have chosen not to have their profiles indexed externally.

To set the default for profile discoverability:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. Click Apps > Additional Google Services > Google+ > Advanced settings.
  3. In the Organizations section, select the organization for which you want to set the profile discoverability default.

    If you don't see an Organizations section, you probably have only one organization in your domain and can therefore skip this step.

    Select the top-level organization to enforce the same settings for your entire organization. You can also specify different settings for each organizational unit. If you have a lot of organizations, click the + button to expand your options.

  4. Check (or uncheck) Help people outside the organization find user profiles.
  5. Click Save changes.
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