G Suite legacy free edition

Prior to December 6, 2012, Google offered a free edition of G Suite—also known as the legacy free edition—that had a reduced set of business features. As of December 6, 2012, Google stopped offering the free edition to new customers.

Upgrade G Suite

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If you're currently using the legacy free edition of G Suite but would like additional business features, such as 24/7 support, upgrade to another G Suite edition. When you upgrade, you can choose your G Suite edition: Basic, Business, or Enterprise. Compare G Suite editions

Try G Suite for free for 14 days. Then, set up billing to continue using the additional features. Or downgrade back to the legacy free edition.

See steps: Upgrade from free edition to G Suite

Keep using reduced business features for free

If you signed up for G Suite before December 6, 2012 and have been using the legacy free edition of G Suite since that time, you can continue your service for free, without any change in service. The fact that we discontinued the free edition for new customers has no effect on existing customers of the free service.

Features in the free edition

Basic services and features
  • Messaging: Gmail, Calendar, Contacts
  • Storage and collaboration: Drive, Docs, Hangouts
  • Other Google services: Blogger, YouTube, and more
Usage and support
Email usage
  • Email storage (shared with documents and photos): 15 GB
  • Attachment size limit: 25 MB
  • Maximum recipients per message: 500
  • Maximum recipients/day per user (outside your domain): 500
Addresses and mailing lists
Your company brand
  • Your custom email address (name@company.com)
  • Gmail ads turned off
  • Addresses at multiple domains (you@company2.com)
    Supports only domain aliases, not secondary domains
Security and business controls Email security and business controls
  • Junk email filtering and virus blocking
  • Gmail ads turned off
Contacts, lists, and groups
Access options
Migration services
Other email delivery options

Schools, nonprofits, and government agencies

You may be eligible to use G Suite Basic features for free by upgrading to G Suite for Education, Government, or Nonprofits. If you're already using one of these editions for free, you can continue doing so without any change to your service. Learn about special editions.

Other ways to get free email 

You can use Gmail for free with a personal Google Account. However, you won't get a custom email address such as name@company.com. Instead, your address will end in @gmail.com. You also won't have any administrative control over your organization's email use.

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