About Password Sync

Password Sync automatically keeps your users' Google Workspace and Cloud Identity passwords in sync with their Microsoft Active Directory passwords. Whenever a user's Active Directory password is changed, Password Sync immediately pushes the change to their managed Google Account.

Important: Password Sync never changes Active Directory passwords; it only syncs Active Directory password changes to your organization's Google Account.

Password Sync is available to Google Workspace and Cloud Identity administrators.

Before you begin

System requirements

If you have the legacy free edition of G Suite, upgrade to Google Workspace to get this feature. 

To use Password Sync, you'll need:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 or later. Windows Server Core installations are supported, but they require installation and configuration from the command line. Learn more
  • Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). Note that Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) is not supported.

Note: Domain controllers must also run supported versions of Windows Server. Active Directory Schema Version or functional levels are unimportant, provided the Windows Server version is supported.

Set up your domain controllers

Password Sync must be installed on all domain controllers. Make sure the domain controllers have access to the correct URLs and ports:

  1. Complete step 1 in Set up a Google Workspace host name allowlist.
  2. Complete the Top-level URLs section of step 2.
  3. Complete steps 3 and 4.

Download Password Sync

Download the correct MSI for your server's architecture:

Restart the server

Always restart the server after installing or upgrading Password Sync.


Go to step-by-step instructions on how to Set up Password Sync.

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