Set up Gmail with your business address (@your-company)

Ready to start using Gmail with your G Suite team? Once you sign up for G Suite and verify your domain ownership, you can start using your business or school address with Gmail. Here's how to begin:

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As a G Suite admin...

  1. Create user accounts
    Each user in your organization who will use Gmail needs their own G Suite account. 

    An account gives each user a name and password for signing in to G Suite, and an email address at your domain. 

  2. Set up MX records to direct your mail to Google servers
    When you're ready to go live with Gmail, redirect your domain's MX records to Google servers. Do this after creating user accounts for people who will be using Gmail with your domain.

    Advanced deployments: If you're deploying Gmail alongside your existing mail service, such as for a pilot, see these advanced email delivery options.

  3. Import existing email to G Suite

    See how to import your users' email from your old email system to G Suite.

  4. Authorize your senders with SPF
    Add SPF records to your domain's DNS settings to make sure spammers can't forge messages from your business address, and that valid messages from your domain aren't mistaken for spam.

    If you don't add SPF records, messages your users send from Gmail might end up in recipients' spam quarantine. Add SPF records now

  5. Help prevent spoofing, phishing, and spam

    In addition to adding SPF records, we also recommend further protections against forged spam and spoofing. Follow the link above to see what we recommend.

  6. Add your other domain names
    If you own multiple domain names, you can add them all to your G Suite account. That way, users can have an address at one or more of your domains.
  7. Customize your Gmail web address
    Let users access their Gmail page directly using the address:
  8. Set up integrated Gmail for your organization
    Let users conveniently access their email messages, chat, and video meetings all in one familiar place: Gmail.
  9. Customize more business options for users
    Turn on other Gmail features you want people to use, like offline access, read receipts, mail delegation, and more.
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