How do I begin?

Once you sign up for Google Apps and verify your domain ownership, you're ready to set up Gmail for your users. Follow the basic steps below to get started.

Step through even more setup options using our interactive Google Apps setup wizard.

Basic steps

  1. Enable your Email service
    Log in to your Google Admin console and activate email in your Email Settings.
  2. Create user accounts
    Each user in your organization who will be using Gmail needs their own Google Apps account to log in to.
  3. Direct your domain's mailflow to Google servers
    When you're ready to go live with Gmail, redirect your domain's MX records to Google servers. (If you're deploying Gmail alongside your existing mail service, such as for a pilot, see these advanced delivery options.)
  4. Set up domain aliases
    If users have addresses in more than one domain (for example, and, set up domain aliases so they can receive mail at each address.
  5. Customize your web address
    Let users access their Gmail login page from
  6. Enable options for users
    Turn on the Gmail features you want people to use, such as Gmail Labs, Gmail offline access, and more.