Use Groups to share content

Google Groups makes it easy to share your Google documents, sites, videos, and calendars with multiple people. As you add new members to your groups, they automatically gain access to any new content you share with the group after they are added.

Note: Any content previously shared with the group is available to the new members only if you re-share that content with the group.

For example, if you create a group with the address "" and add five members, you can instantly share a Google document with them, just by sharing the document with the group's address. If you later add another member, you must re-share the document, and any content previously shared with the group to give the new member access to that content.

If you remove a member from a group, that person no longer has access to any content you shared with the group.


  • If your G Suite administrator prevents sharing of the content (for example, Google documents) outside your domain, only the group members who are in your domain can access the content.
  • If you share content with a group that contains another group, the members of the sub-group will have the same access to the content as the parent group.
To share a document with a group
  1. Create a new document in Google Drive, or open an existing document. Learn more
  2. In the document, click Share.
  3. In the Invite people field, enter the group's address.
  4. Select the level of access you want to provide the group: Can edit, Can comment, or Can view.
  5. Click Done.
If you later add new members to the group, they'll be able to access the document only via the document's URL. To make the document appear in the Shared with Me view of a new member's Google Drive, you must reshare the document with the group or share the document with the new member individually.
To share a site with a group
  1. Open your website in Google Sites.

  2. In the top right, click Share.

  3. Go to Invite people, enter the group name and click Send.
To share your calendar with a group
  1. Open your Google Calendar. Learn more
  2. In the upper right, click Settings > Calendars, and the click the calendar you want to share.
  3. Click Share this calendar.
  4. Under Share with specific people, in the Person field, enter the email address of the group with which you want to share the calendar.
  5. In the Permissions Settings drop-down list, select the level of access you want to give the group.
  6. Click Add Person.
  7. Click Save.


  • Each member of the group receives a sharing invitation email message. A member must click the "add this calendar" link in the invitation to view your calendar. Because this link works only for members of the group, you can safely post it on web pages or send it in other email messages.
  • If your group contains members who don't use Google Calendar, you can share an HTML version of your calendar with them: Go back to Settings > Calendars and click the calendar you are sharing. On the Calendar details tab, under Calendar Address, click HTML. Copy the URL that appears, and send it in a message to your group.
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