About Site templates

This feature is not available in the legacy free edition of Google Apps.

Rather than building new sites from scratch, users in your domain can start with a Site template. A Site template has pre-built pages that sport a design, structure, and content suited to a particular purpose. Anyone using a template starts with their own copy of it, that they can add to and revise however they want. With templates, people in your organization can share good designs, build sites more quickly, and promote a common look for sites on your corporate or school intranet.

Google provides a number of templates in a public gallery, while users in your domain can publish templates to your domain's private gallery. For example, a corporate manager might create a Product Rollout template for planning product launches, a teacher might share a template for posting course information, a school group could publish its Events template, and so on. The templates you publish appear in your private gallery where they're available to everyone in your domain.

As a Google Apps administrator you can:

Any user in your domain can:

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