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As a Google Apps administrator, you can enable Google+ for your entire domain, or just for users in specific organizational units. Note that Google+ is enabled automatically if all of the following apply:

  • You have Google Apps or Google Apps for Work.
  • Your Admin console is configured to automatically opt in to new services when Google releases them.
  • Calendar, Drive, Talk/Hangouts, and Picasa Web Albums are already turned on for your users.
If some users in your organization do not meet the Google+ age requirements, you must enable Google+ only in organizational units where all users do meet the requirements. If an underage user attempts to sign up for Google+, his or her entire Google Apps account—including Gmail and other services—will be disabled.

Before enabling Google+, make sure to review this list of considerations.

Service dependencies for Google+

Google+ depends on the following services:

  • Google Drive - For document sharing in hangouts
  • Google Calendar - For Google+ Events
  • Google Talk/Hangouts - For real-time messaging
  • Picasa Web Albums - For photo sharing

To enable Google+:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. On the dashboard, click Apps, then click Google Apps (If you don't see the Apps icon, click More controls.)
  3. Make sure that the Calendar, Drive, and Talk/Hangouts services are turned on for the desired organizational units. Learn how.
  4. Return to the dashboard, click Apps, then click Additional Google services.
  5. Make sure that Picasa Web Albums and Google+ are turned on for the desired organizational units. Learn how.
  6. Inform your users that you've enabled Google+ for their Google Apps accounts and provide information about how to sign up for the service. Learn more.

Remember: Even after you enable Google+, users still need to join the service before they can use it. Go to sign-up page

After you enable Google+ and users join the service, they'll see the Google+ link at the top of Google service pages, such as Gmail and Calendar. For example:

To turn off Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Talk/Hangouts, and Picasa Web Albums:

You can turn off these services only if Google+ is already turned off.

Where are the ON/OFF settings?

To turn services on and off, see Turn services on/off.

Find services needed for Google+ in the Admin console
  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.

  2. From the Dashboard, click Apps, then click Google Apps or Additional Google services:

    • Under Google Apps, you'll find Drive, Calendar, and Talk/Hangouts.

    • Under Additional Google services, you'll find Google+ and Picasa Web Albums.


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