This feature is not available in the legacy free edition of Google Apps.

Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes® (GAMLN) is a native Lotus Notes database tool that migrates mail, calendar, contacts, and group information from your Lotus Notes accounts to Google Apps.

This server-side migration tool offers administrators:

  • Unattended migrations
  • Provision Google Apps accounts, Calendar resources and Google groups
  • Tools for migration notifications, reporting, and logging
  • High data integrity for migration of mail, calendar, contact information from Lotus Notes to Google Apps

Find out more about Lotus Notes migration to Google Apps and customers who've made the switch in the Google for Work Blog.

System Requirements

  • Google Apps for Work or Education.
  • Lotus Domino™ Server Release 6.5 or later. The migration tool must be installed on a Microsoft Windows® 2003 or higher server. Mail files may reside on any operating system that supports Lotus Notes.
  • A single Lotus Notes Client with Domino Administrator installed.
  • Administrator access to the mail files being migrated through a trusted user or server ID.
  • Microsoft Core XML Services 6.0 when using ServerXMLHttp to feed Lotus Notes content to Google (download Microsoft Core XML Services 6.0)

Accessing Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes

The tool is available to Google Apps for Work and Education customers.

Download Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes

Important: Please read the file README.TXT that is included in the kit before installing the software. This is particularly important if you have already used an earlier version of the software in your environment.

To learn more about Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes, check out the Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes Installation and Administration Guide

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What's New, Fixed Issues, Known Issues, and Limitations

For information about what's new in Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes, along with information about fixed issues, known issues, and limitations, click here.

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