Before you migrate from HCL Notes

If you have the legacy free edition of G Suite, upgrade to G Suite Basic to get this feature. 

Use G Suite Migration for HCL® Notes® (GSMIN, formerly G Suite Migration for IBM® Notes) to migrate mail, calendar, contacts, and group information from your HCL Notes account to G Suite.

Use GSMIN to...

  • Run unattended migrations.
  • Provision G Suite accounts, calendar resources, and groups.
  • Easily view notifications, reporting, and logging.
  • Maintain high data integrity for the migration of mail, calendar, and contact information from HCL Notes to G Suite.

To let your users share availability information between Google Calendar and Notes, you can also check out Google Calendar Connector for Notes.

Who should use GSMIN?

This article is intended for administrators who are responsible for the installation and management of GSMIN. A thorough understanding of HCL Notes administration is required.

Note: Google does not provide technical support for setting up mail servers, databases, or other third-party products.

System requirements

G Suite

  • G Suite or G Suite for Education edition
  • A G Suite super administrator account to set up G Suite (for example, to provision users and resources and to activate profiles)
  • A G Suite service account to authenticate the HCL Domino® server. Learn more


To install and run GSMIN, you need Microsoft® Windows® Server 2013 or later. Older versions of Windows Server might work, but check whether you need to update the XML services to Core XML Services 6 level. Consult your Microsoft documentation on checking your version and how to update.

HCL Notes and Domino

  • While mail files can reside on any operating system that supports HCL Notes, migration requires HCL Domino Server release 6.5 or later.
  • Install a single HCL Notes client with Domino Administrator.
  • Administrator access is required for the mail files being migrated through a trusted user or server ID.

Next step

To download GSMIN, click the button.

Download GSMIN

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