Set up your Help Desk

Your users will likely need general IT support for G Suite and the other programs and systems you use in your organization. This page will help you set up a Help Desk to optimize your support operations.

Set up channels of support

You’ll want to keep your Help Desk accessible by setting up multiple channels of support, including:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Chat/Video Chat
  • VOIP
  • Website
  • Internal wiki, like a Google Site, to house all troubleshooting information (not just for G Suite)
  • Walk-in (clearly post your hours of operation)

Most Help Desks use Remedy or some other internal ticket system to keep track of requests. Use metrics to track support volumes, time to resolution, etc.

Another approach is to create a Google Form where users can submit their support requests. This can be posted to a Google Site or circulated via email. You can also create a Google Group for Help Desk support questions to respond to issues and share best practices.

Train your support team

Once you’ve determined your Help desk setup, you’ll need to train your support team on G Suite and how to answer questions from your users. We’ve provided these resources to help:

  • Build your support team and get tips on how to support your organization with G Suite.
  • Introduce your organization to the Learning Center for tips and quick-start guides on Gmail, Hangouts, Drive and other Apps.
Provide support

Processing support requests

Depending on the type of issue you're facing, consult one of our help centers for troubleshooting and app support.

Contacting Google for support

Still can’t resolve the issue after searching the Help Centers and troubleshooting? The next step would be to open a support case with Google.

For a helpful list of things to check for when troubleshooting a particular app, check out the Support resource templates. If you’re opening a case with us, we’ll need this information from you so we can resolve your issue as soon as possible.
Support resources

Use these resources to run your Help Desk.

  • As an administrator, use the Admin Help Center to get app-specific help with Fix an issue > Service issues. You can also search common issues for admins or check known issues.
  • For end-user questions, use the Apps Help Center. Select the app you need help with, e.g. Mail, Calendar, or Drive. If you don't see the icon you're looking for, just click Show all products in the upper left. Once you’ve found your product, click Help Center. From here, look under Fix an issue and you'll see Known issues and General troubleshooting for common issues.
Want to see what issues others are having and how they were able to resolve them? Check out the Google help forum.
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