View invoice details (invoiced account)

Applies to editions of Google Workspace and other paid subscriptions in your Google Admin console.

Applies only for customers with invoiced billing accounts.

If you pay for your Google service subscription using an invoiced billing account, we’ll email you an invoice at the start of each month for your previous month’s payment. We'll mail you a paper copy of your invoice if you also supply us with a paper mail delivery address.

Note: If any of your invoice details—such as your billing address—change, the changes appear on the invoices you receive starting from the date of the change. Google doesn’t reissue invoices you’ve already received to reflect any changes.

View an invoice online

You can view, download, or print your current charges and previous invoices for your Google Workspace subscriptions and domain registrations. See Download or print invoices or transactions.

Understand invoice details

If you have an invoiced account, details on the PDF version of your invoice can include the following items. Details for the CSV version are similar but appear in a different order.

Invoice item Description
Bill to The Business Address specified in the Settings section of your billing account.
Invoice date The date the invoice was generated.
Payment terms The terms specified in your account contract for making payment. Typically net 30.
Billing ID A unique number assigned to the company or individual that the account is registered to. It appears in the Settings section of your billing account.
Account ID The primary domain name associated with your service account.
Due date (on the right under total amount due) The date that the payment is due. The span of time between the period end date and your due date depends on your payment terms with Google.
Addresses for payments The addresses for customers who pay by wire transfer or check.
Subscription The Google product or service that you’re being billed for.
Description The associated cost—for example, usage, commitment renewal, and so on.
Interval The period of time that the costs were incurred.
Quantity The number associated with the subscription—for example, 6 licenses, 1 domain registration annual commitment renewal, and so on.
Amount The actual cost incurred and due.

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