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Import data

Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook

With GWSMO, your users can import their existing Outlook data to Google Workspace during or after the initial setup of their Outlook user profile. When importing, users can import directly from an Exchange account or a PST file.

To do this, GWSMO uses a separate migration product, Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GWMMO). GWSMO launches the GWMMO migration product and, in most cases, users won't even notice they're using a separate product.

What's imported?

Users sync email, contacts, calendar events, and Outlook notes, which are then available in Outlook and the Google Workspace web interface.

Outlook tasks sync to Google Workspace but only after GWSMO starts. (Email, contacts, and calendar events sync while importing.)

Outlook journal entries are not synchronized to Google Workspace, but users can import them from their Outlook profile during the initial sync.

For details, go to What's synchronized?

GWSMO launches GWMMO...

GWSMO launches GWMMO when the user:

Users can launch GWMMO...

To migrate their existing data from Outlook, users can launch GWMMO as a standalone application. In the Start menu, click Google Workspace Migrationand thenGoogle Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook.

How do I install GWMMO?

The GWMMO migration product must be installed on each client machine.

  • If users install GWSMO themselves, the system also installs GWMMO. 
  • If you push GWSMO to users using an MSI file, you also need to push the GWMMO migration product to them as well. Or, have them install GWMMO themselves.

    For details, go to Install GWMMO.

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