Sample email to users about mobile security policy

This article is for administrators who are enabling mobile security settings for their organization. For more information, see Manage devices with Google endpoint management.

Sample email to alert users to policy change

If you change your organization's mobile security settings, you might want to notify your mobile users about this change. You can use the following mail template.

And to get an idea of how many mobile users you have in your organization, and what type of devices they're using, you can get a high-level view of mobile usage in the Reports tab. Learn more about mobile charts and reporting.

Subject: New mobile policy for [name of organization]

Dear Mobile Users,

We are rolling out new mobile security requirements for [name your organization].

[Keep this paragraph if you're requiring device activation for your organization:]

From [date] onward, all new mobile devices accessing Google Workspace data will need to be approved by the IT staff before you can access your Google Workspace mail, calendar, and contacts on your device. All devices currently able to sync will continue to work, but new devices after [date] will first need to be approved.

All Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone users accessing their Google Workspace mail, calendar, and contacts will need to meet the following requirements:

[Remove items that do not apply]

  • Android users need to install and set up the Google Apps Device Policy app on their devices.
  • All users must have a password that's at least [x] characters long and contain letters, numbers, and punctuation.
  • Your device will lock if idle for more than [time] minutes. You must change your password within [limit] days.
  • Your device will be wiped after [number] invalid passwords are entered.

Android users will also be able to access the following device management features from your My Devices page:

  • Reset PIN
  • Ring Device
  • Lock Device
  • Locate your device

Use these features to lock and recover your device if you misplace it. If you lose your phone, please contact us immediately, and we'll help you recover your device or remotely wipe it.

If your device does not support these policies, you can still connect to Google Workspace through the web browser on your mobile device. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions.

[Your name and contact information]

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